Start a Highly Profitable Six Figure Annually Hail damage repair business Today! Hello, my name is Sam, did you know that Hail causes approximately 1 billion dollars annually in damages in the United States alone  to houses, commercial buildings, cars, crops  to literally everything in it's path. Today, I want to tell you about what  I was doing to make great money before getting hit by a drunk driver. I was making  a lot of money repairing hail damaged homes and if you'd like you can repair commercial  properties too.  

In fact the above picture is from a recent 2016 hail storm that caused nearly 3 billion dollars in damages in Dallas Texasalone  and that's from one single hail storm. You can make great money from hail storms while you're helping other people restore their hail damaged properties at no cost to them except for their insurance deductible.  You see, I was making great money repairing homeowner hail damage insurance claims until  unfortunately I was hit head on  by a drunk driver and became disabled. An average homeowner claim will gross you $7,500 to 15,000 dollars while commercial buildings can pay you over $100,000 dollars.  What's great about this business is that you don't even need to know anything about repairing their properties yourself as you can do exactly what I've done for many years, that's sub contract all of the repairs out to contractors who complete those types of repairs on a daily basis. In fact, by becoming a general contractor and overseeing the repairs, starting a hail damage repair business and helping other people restore their hail damaged properties back to its original condition before the storm. 

Insurance companies  will pay you an additional 10% overhead & 10% profit a total of 20% additional income in your pocket and you did nothing but sub contract the repairs out to professionals in their feild, people who are completing those types of repairs every day. Not only that, you can charge exactly what their insurance company  has paid them at no cost to the homeowner or commercial property owner except for their insurance deductible and still make awesome money.  Insurance compainies pay the 10 & 10 to you for  overseeing all of the repairs, acting as a general contractor It doesn't matter if they've already reported a claim to their insurance company or not. In fact you can go what people in the hail damage repair business call door knocking. I've found door knocking to be a highly effective way of getting a lot of work because many people are not even aware that their home or building has been damaged from the hail storm. If you can look at someone's property and recognize legitimate hail damage you can make an unlimited income in the hail damage repair business. I've also found It's very easy to get work  once you explain what you do and, how you can get everything covered for them at no cost to them except for their insurance  deductible. 

Property owners really love only having to deal with one contractor opposed to having to seek a roofing company, siding company , Guttering company, and a carpenter to complete misc repairs.  You may not know this but many insurance adjusters sometimes miss a lot of items not allowing the property owners enough money to complete all of their repairs. When this happens it's the perfect scenario for you because you can get those missed items covered and they'll be very happy to use your company. You can also use this system to settle any insurance claim such as wind-tornadoes and hurricanes-flood-fire and earthquakes. This information will give you the tools to make a six figure income in about six months annually, year after year. Be prepared, storm season is here now so get started today.

Download my short ebook and excel estimating software today for the unheard of low price of only $47.00 It comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.

This information is priceless and it really works! Remember, I am only telling you my secrets because of being hit by a drunk driver which left me disabled and I am unable to work anymore. Don't delay, if you haven't checked out the storm reports yet do it now to see if there's an area you'd like to work and get started working today I know you'll be glad you did so, check the reports out now and download the products.

Thanks for reading.

Six Figure Storm Damage Repair-Hello,  Hail Damage Facts: Firstly, Here are some hail damage facts: Hail causes approximately 1 million dollars in damage annually to houses, cars, crops and to everything in its path. 
Secondly, insurance companies are a Trillion dollar industry so why not help people get everything that they're entitled to receive covered?

That is if you would like to earn six figures annually and help other people  get everything their entitled to receive covered.  

You'll be able to easily get the insured everything that they're entitled to receive covered as well as make a six figure income while helping them restore their storm damaged properties. 

When it comes to submitting property claims to insurance companies you have to submit everything correctly and on the correct forms!

In order to get the insured everything they're entitled to receive covered,  you must go to their property and perform your own inspection and complete an estimate for all of their damages so you can complete all of their repairs.  

Do not worry if you don't know anything about the roofing or contracting business at all you will never have to complete any of the repairs yourself.

By correctly, I mean everything itemized properly and with the right paperwork. 

Insurance companies like their re-inspections to be submitted on supplements which this system has included in the Excel estimating software. 

When I first discovered this I went from getting paid $100.00 per square to immediately making $200.00 per square for the exact same work in my area.

However, what's great about this is that  the insurance companies pricing is determined by areas. 

For example, insurance companies will pay $300.00 per square for the exact same work in the state of Florida.
When  I first discovered it I found it to be very hard to believe. Most likely just as you are right now.
However, It's the absolute truth!
When a  friend who was a roofing salesman at the time that I'd worked with in before in the past told me the exact same thing  I couldn't hardly believe it either. 

But I agreed to go with him to the roofing office where he was working to find out more. 

After all, the reason he was telling me about this in the first place is that the roofing company was looking for additional salesmen. 

To my surprise, the owners told me the exact same thing as my friend.
With the exception of that  they were completing everything damaged in the hail storms.
The reason they were completing all of the repairs is that they found out that insurance companies were paying an additional 20% in the form of overhead & profit  to contractors that did.
By becoming a General Contractor insurance companies will pay an additional 10% overhead & 10% profit just for overseeing all of the repairs!
Needless to say I was very interested. 

When the owner explained exactly how they worked I agreed and started working for his company the same day for 10% of the total contract price and they were using professionals in their field of expertise!
After all they had several salesmen who was making six figures, just for signing people - up!

The best part was I'd be able to restore their homes at n cost to them except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible.

This was a no brainer for me having already being familiar with the roofing business, however, I must admit it sounded a little too good to be true! 

But I quickly found out that it was very true! 

In fact, the homeowners were more than willing to let me complete all of their repairs because it was not costing them a penny other than their agreed deductible when they purchased the insurance policy.
Not to mention, they only had to deal with me opposed to dealing with multiple contractors such as, someone  replace their roof, then trying to find another company to replace their siding and then their gutters. 

It wasn't very hard at all to get people to sign up once I told them exactly how we worked,  for insurance proceeds only and explained what I could do for them.
In fact,  99% of the time we were able to get the insured a new roof, new siding and new gutters, of course  as long as they actually were damaged from hail.
Later on I was thinking, if this system works with hail storms, why wouldn't work for any storm?  

Better yet,  I discovered that not only did it work when settling hail  damage claims but  it worked exactly the same way for all insurance claims like tornados and hurricanes as well as fire?
With this knowledge anyone can easily make six figures annually in  about  six months every year,  just by helping other people restore their storm damaged homes and  or  commercial properties at absolutely  no cost to them except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible. 

This business is very easy to learn and you will make money with it, you just need to have the knowledge that's in my 16 page e-book and my personal estimate writing excel software. 
I guarantee that you can start making money the same day you purchase it. 

You'll be able to Make money fast anytime storms damage properties as well as  help others at the same time!

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Make Six Figures in Six Months Annually by repairing Storm damaged homes and commercial properties at no cost to the insured except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible!

​Licensed Insurance adjuster & professional Storm contractor reveals exactly how you can make six figures in six months or less every year while helping other people repair their storm damaged properties at no cost to them except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible!

No Experience Necersary!

Learn to become an insurance claim specialist contractor and make six figures in six months annually charging exactly what insurance companies pay at no cost to the insured's except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible!

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Epic hail pounds Texas, upping damage to nearly $3 Billion in 2016.

One time payment of $99.00
Licensed Insurance adjuster & professional Storm contractor reveals exactly how you can make six figures in six months or less every year while helping other people repair their storm damaged properties at no cost to them except for their already agreed upon insurance deductible!

This system works the same when settling all insurance claims without fail.
Japan has recently had a major devastating Earthquake and there have been a lot of Hail reports and several Tornadoes today in the US .

Check out today's storm reports: 

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Six Figure Hail Damage Repair Business

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