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Hello, I know you don't know me but in October, 2009 I was on vacation with my family in Gatlinburg Tennessee and I was hit head on by a drunk driver who was driving 87 mph in town. I've always worked hard and took care of my family until the wreck. I don't like asking for charity but we are now in foreclosure and I need help to keep a roof over my wife's head. I've been trying very hard to make money online but It seems impossible. I've became pretty good at building websites but they don't convert into buyers. I really hate to ask for help but since you and you friend are making millions online is there any way you guys would please teach me how for free at first. I will happily pay you guys if I can just get out of debt and save our home.
Please let me know if you guys are someone else you know could help us out of the kindness of your heart.
Here's a
website that was created to try to raise money so you will know I am not making any of this up.
You can even call my pastor if you'd like he even wrote a letter for us. His name is Jesse Urbano the pas tor of our church 
Gospel Kingdom church located  at 4742 Cane Run Rd - Louisville, Ky. 4742 Cane Run Rd - Louisville, Ky.     502.448.5221

I recently wrote this short letter to some successful online marketers who claim to have made millions of dollars online. However, if anyone reading this can teach me how to make money online it would be greatly appreciated. The photos of my wreck are pretty gruesome so you may not want young children to be present while you're viewing them.lease let me know if there's any way you can help me.

Thank you,
Samuel Stinson.


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